Hosts Rob Fairless and Randy Ashby began broadcasting in mid summer 2012 interviewing local bands from St. Louis to Nashville about their beginnings and upcoming albums. As they interviewed each new band they were able to gain more and more fans from each weekly show. As their popularity grew they were able to gain attention from major celebrities as well as talent agencies from around the globe. In September, 2012 celebrity musician Dr. Elmo (“Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” 11 million albums sold) joined them for their very first “Special Presentation”.


Rob & Randy had no idea that that interview would send them on a path that would lead to interviewing some of the biggest musicians, actors, authors, and notable names in the world. “The 25th Hour Radio Show” with Rob & Randy was making waves all across the Heartland of the United States. From front page headline stories in newspapers to articles in magazines that are distributed across the nation, “The 25th Hour Radio Show” had found its place as one of the top interview programs for celebrity guests. Today Rob & Randy continue to do what they do best and that’s bring a consistent level of entertainment with a laid back atmosphere.


“The sky is the limit for our show. We are so appreciative for what we have been able to accomplish but we are by no means satisfied. We will continue to strive to be the best that we can possibly be”…Rob Fairless


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