April 2013 Interviews

Celebrity Interviews – April 2013

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Wil Maring is a highly acclaimed songwriter, having won the prestigious songwriting contest at Merlefest, and has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry with her original music. Her well-crafted songs, solid rhythm and fingerstyle guitar work, and her clear, airy vocals give her music a unique, appealing sound that paints pictures of the rural southern Illinois landscapes where she grew up. Add the contributions of the accomplished musicians she tours with and you get beautiful original music that straddles the fence between bluegrass, folk, and acoustic country. It is heartfelt music, difficult to categorize but appealing to all age groups, from toddlers dancing in front of the stage to seniors requesting songs their parents used to sing.

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Grammy-nominated Jon Butcher is one of a select handful of influential recording artists comprising the legendary Boston music scene. MTV vids and hit songs, “Life Takes A Life” ,”Wishes”, “Holy War”, “Goodbye Saving Grace”, “Miracles”, “Send Me Somebody” comprise the underpinnings of a recording/ touring career that continues today. Two critically acclaimed CD’s, “Positively The Blues” and “Electric Factory” mark Jon’s enduring love affair with all things Americana- blues, jazz, Dixieland, folk, swing, Cajun and more.

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The “Stephen and Other Dummies” comedy concert stars the talented Stephen Brubaker. This “1996 Who’s Who in Entertainment” inductee combines music, robotic mime, outrageous props, audience participation, impressions and vocal acrobatics in one fast-paced performance.

This 8-time national award-winning production has been featured on the Fox Network, MTV, TNN, The Family Channel, and ABC’s America’s Funniest People. Stephen has been on the bill with many big name artists including Charlie Daniels, Bob Hope, Elton John, Mister Rogers, Morey Amsterdam, Chuck Berry, Neal McCoy, The Beach Boys, Crystal Gayle, GLAD, Richard Jeni, The Drifters, Phyllis Diller and the late Waylon Jennings.

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Greg Mathieson is as comfortable working in war zones as he is at the White House. For more than 28 years he has chronicled the epic lives of our heroic men and women in uniform, he has tracked the political stars and the movie stars in our national life as well as those who make the critical decisions on American policy.

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Lead Singer Toto & Bobby Kimball Band – Exclusive Interview

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Owner, The Kokoro Group Inc/ Music Editor Legends and Legacies Magazine/ Touring and Recording Artist/ Audio Engineer

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Tim Bogert is one of rock music’s bass pioneers. Born in New York City, Tim was a founding member of the ’60s super group Vanilla Fudge, as well as Cactus and Beck, Bogert & Appice. He was a faculty member of the Musicians Institute’s BIT (Bass Institute of Technology) and VIT (Vocal Institute of Technology) for eighteen years, after which he retired to relax a little, work on (and ride) his Harleys and pursue other musical endeavors. Tim has since performed with Rod Stewart, Billy Cobham, Steve Perry, Bobby & the Midnights, Rick Derringer, Ronnie Laws, Boxer, Ginger Baker and many other world-class players and bands. He is an inductee to the Hollywood Rock Hall of Fame.

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