July 2013 Interviews

Celebrity Interviews – July 2013

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Donald Frye (born November 23, 1965) is an American mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, and actor. Frye won the UFC 8 and Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournaments, and is also widely known for his appearances in the Pride Fighting Championships in Japan.

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Chris Garver (born September 11, 1970) is a tattoo artist featured on the TLC reality television show Miami Ink.

Garver was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he attended The Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Garver’s mother was an artist and encouraged his interest in painting and drawing. He first experimented with tattooing at age 17, after selling his bass guitar in order to purchase his tattoo equipment. Garver attended the School of Visual Arts and apprenticed for six months, repairing old tattoos that needed touch-ups, before he started tattooing clients on his own.[1] In his early twenties, Garver moved to New York City where he became a full-time professional tattoo artist.

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-Tiny is the top-ranked bench presser of all time.
-Elected to the WABDL Hall of Fame in 2012
-20-time drug-free bench press world champion

-The highest drug-tested bench press in history at 1047 lbs.

-World records: 800 lbs. x 4 lifts, 700 lbs. x 8 lifts, and 600 lbs. x 14 lifts

-Heaviest man to ever bench-press more than 3X his own body weight
-Tiny is also the owner of Tiny Meeker Power Station

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Angie Wyatt – With 20+ years in the business of broadcasting (the field of TV, Radio, and Internet Journalism), Angie Wyatt began offering businesses her expertise in what makes effective advertising, promotional campaigns. Her passion for story-telling through the use of a camera (video/sound) also led her & a team of extraordinary individuals to produce shows (to date- Timmy the Tractor & now the Spiel with Angie &Juli ) to air on Fox (KBSI-TV), (FM Radio), WGGH (AM Radio), online (allowing participation by audiences around the globe.)

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Cliff has appeared in various media outlets over the years in regards to his bigfoot experience. He has written extensively on the subject with his work being featured not only on his own blog, but on other websites as well. He has also been featured in student reports, newspaper articles, video documentaries, and more.

Cliff is currently being featured in Animal Planet’s new series, Finding Bigfoot. Once again teaming up with colleagues James “Bobo” Fay, Matt Moneymaker, and Ranae Holland, Cliff is traveling the country investigating bigfoot evidence. His expert opinion, level-headed approach, and analytical mind is essential to the team. When numbers need to be extracted for the sake of data analysis, or when a footprint needs to be permanently recorded, he is there to offer his unique skills. Cliff augments the credibility of Finding Bigfoot with his passion for data collection, and his ability to explain complex ideas in simple fashions.

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