May 2013 Interviews

Celebrity Interviews – May 2013

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James “Jimmy” McMillan III is an American political activist, perennial candidate, karate expert, and Vietnam War veteran, as well as a former postal worker, stripper and private investigator from Brooklyn, New York. He is best known as the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, a New York-based political party. McMillan has run for office at least six times since 1993, including in the 2010 New York gubernatorial election, on the “Rent Is Too Damn High” line. He declared on December 23, 2010, that he would run in the 2012 U.S. presidential election as a Republican. Jimmy is currently running for Mayor Of New York once again and says this time “The Rent Is Too Damn High” Party will win the election.

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Michael Braun was raised in Rye N.Y. He studied industrial design at the University of Bridgeport. In his early twenties, Michael became fascinated with color, feel and designs of fabrics. He turned this passion into art that he could wear. Not only did he design clothes, but he often hand painted, airbrushed or embroidered them.

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Larry Villella started his recording career by spending five nights in a row in 1971 recording Jazz Legend Chick Corea Live at the Jazz Workshop in Boston. He has been known to follow Vladimir Horowitz’ Concert Steinway to various west coast cities for the chance to do live recordings. And whose 30 year microphone collection led to the ADK Challenge.

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Former two time heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Chris Byrd takes a call from your hosts Rob Fairless and Randy Ashby. The 25th Hour Radio Show thanks Chris for such a great interview.

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Valentino is an amazing entertainer who fell in love with magic at the tender age of 5, and knew that this was his destiny. His father gave him his first illusion, THE BALL AND THE VASE TRICK, and by age 11, he was entertaining professionally by performing magic for parties and at community functions.

He continued to perfect his craft during his teen years, and performed in THE INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL AWARENESS PROGRAM for over a million students throughout the Unified School System. By his early 20’s he was touring with major stars nationwide, and was a popular performer at the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

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Kelly Vrooman is a host of The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout, the first 24-hour preschool destination available on TV, on demand and online for kids ages 2-5 and their parents and caregivers. Along with her co-host, Chica the Chicken, Kelly interacts live with preschoolers and their families across the country, as she shares daily birthday greetings, viewer-submitted crafts, fun facts and weekly themes ranging from colors, numbers and letters to manners, gardening and pets.

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