September 2013 Interviews

Celebrity Interviews – September 2013

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Country Joe McDonald has recorded 33 albums and has written hundreds of songs over a career spanning 40 years. He and Barry Melton co-founded Country Joe & the Fish which became a pioneer psychedelic rock band with their eclectic performances at The Avalon Ballroom, The Fillmore, Monterey Pop Festival and both the original and the reunion Woodstock Festivals.

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She has as much energy as a hydroelectric plant, virtually running on water alone, and somewhere down the line, must be related to Annie Oakley. Her name is Phylis B. Canion, Phyl for short. She divides her time between actively practicing as a Doctor of Nutrition and an avid outdoorsman. Two years and 26 chickens later, the Chupacabra landed in the hands of someone determined to discover the truth about what she thinks is the mystical Chupacabra. Heavy rains and lowland flooding caused the creature to stir, resulting in a vehicle collision. The rest is simply history, but the legend truly lives on.

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Brian Fisher, the host and executive producer of Fisher’s ATV World on Outdoor Channel, is a long time ATV Enthusiast with a love of Travel and Adventure. Being in front of the camera just comes natural to Brian. His “Keepin’ It Real” style will keep you wanting more. He’s the guy you want to go riding with on the weekends and now you can! Fisher’s ATV World is an award winning television series that has been airing nationally for the past ten years with travel to four different countries and 29 of the 50 states within the US!

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Began Arm Wrestling in 1979. Allen was a natural right from the beginning. Won the World Championships in 1980. “I give credit to my mentor Ernie Jeffreys, an avid promoter of arm wrestling. I saw the vision for arm wrestling as a professional sport and did something about it. Ernie also took notice of my relenting determination, tremendous strength and large hand. He told me that I would become a world champion if I would think like a professional.”

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In addition to countless eyewitness accounts, Senate Intelligence Oversight, Congressional Hearing witness – Iran-Contra paymaster, Lt. Commander Alexander Martin, USN, under penalty of perjury, has identified Mr. Frank W. Dux as a covert operative who is responsible for having not only briefed him as one of the architects of Operation Cordoba Harbor but in his skirting violations of the Boland and Logan Amendments, his bravery and sacrifices led to the defeat of the Sandinista Regime, in Nicaragua.

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Mike Ruiz is a world-renowned photographer, who also happens to be a TV personality, former model, actor, spokesperson, creative director and director. With his wide array of experiences and interests.

Mike has recently launched an APP for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices which will be a digital interactive extension of his book, Pretty Masculine. Versions of the all will soon be available for the iPhone and Android devices. The online promotional video has won him a Telly Award. He has also launched a line of T-shirts that are made from a 100% organic cotton/bamboo blend that will have his images printed in 4 color on panels of silk and hand stitched onto the t-shirt making a piece of wearable art that is completely green.

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Charles was born and raised in Paducah, KY, and is married to Elna Mathis Katterjohn. They have two daughters, Dianne and Debra and five grandchildren, Morgan, Ryan, Tyler, Keri and Alex.

Charles retired from WPSD Television in Paducah, KY in 2003 after 31 years of commercial production, on- air newscaster and Manger of Information Services. Prior to his tenure at WPSD TV, Charles began his career in broadcasting in 1959 at WKYB Radio, in Paducah, KY, where he was a Dee Jay. He also worked at several other radio and television stations in Paducah and the area.

While Charles has written and produced hundreds of radio and television commercials, his first attempt at a book began in 2004 with the “Raccoon Tales” book. After his wife and family encouraged him to publish the book, Charles eventually decided to publish his book with McClanahan Publishing House in Kuttawa, KY, widely known for publishing Kentucky authors

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