August 2015 Interviews

Celebrity Interviews – August 2015

[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/3″][/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”2/3″]Published on August 07th, 2015

Having grown up in Ste. Genevieve, Laura Wibbenmeyer is so excited to be back in the Heartland and part of the StormTeam she grew up watching.

Laura can remember exactly when the weather sparked her interest as a child. The weather became vastly interesting to her when it had the power to decide school or no school. She can remember staying up late and watching every weathercast, hoping and praying for the winter weather to hit right over Ste. Gen County so she could enjoy a snow day. Then summer rolled around and she would hope and pray for just the opposite, heat advisories so school would let out early. All of those events, plus many others, have led Laura to fall in love with the all of the different types of weather the Heartland experiences. She never imagined her “snow day” hobby would lead to her passion, and even further into her career.

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[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/3″][/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”2/3″]Published on August 09th, 2015

Norman Greenbaum is best known for his song “Spirit In The Sky”, which sold two million singles in 1970, then a record (no pun intended), for Warner Brothers.

With one of the most recognizable opening guitar riffs to this day, and referred to over the years as the best industrial fuzz tone ever produced, shivers up the spine continue, with the song still in heavy rotation on every oldies radio station worldwide, and with it’s inclusion in Rock Band 2, adding an entire new generation of fans.

The song has been prominently featured in almost 50 movies, including:

Apollo 13
Wayne’s World 2
And the most recent Sunshine Cleaning
It has also been the theme on many commercial product ads on TV including:
American Express
Many TV series have included the song on one of their episodes, such as:
Law & Order
Big Love

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